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Trip to Morskie Oko Lake

Duration: 7 hours

Full day trip to Morskie Oko lake to one of the most beautiful places in Tatras accessible to all visitors. Trip start with 45 minutes bus drive to Palenica where can take the horse carts. After 1.5 hour’s ride arrive in Wlosienica from where we begin our ca. 45 minutes ascent to reach Morskie Oko Lake.

The lake it situated at the altitude of almost 1500 metres asl that’s why can delight the magnificent views of the highest peaks on the Polish side of the mountains, Rysy (2499 m asl), Nizne Rysy (2430 m asl), Mieguszowiecki Peak (2438 m asl). We return the same way and suggest to provide yourself with comfortable hiking boots before making reservation of this tour.