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Walking in the Old Town

Duration: 3 hours

Beautiful and charming Old Town was totally destroyed in 1945 was carefully reconstructed following the original plans after the end of the 2nd World War and placed on UNESCO World Heritage List. The beginnings of Warsaw Old Town are dated on 13th century and the brick walls were built in the 14th century. Since 1429, in the Market Square, there was a town hall, and next to it, a scales house, wooden stalls and slaughterhouses, a little further, a pillory and since the 17th century, an iron cage for criminals.

The 17th is a period of prosperity for the Old Town. At the beginning of 20th century people got interested in historical monuments and then a few tenement houses and rampards were restored. The Royal Castle is the pride of Warsaw, reconstructed from a pile of rubble in years between 1971 and 1984. The castle was a residence of the Polish king, later of the president and then the seat of parliment. Guided visit of the Royal apartments and chambers. From the Market Square we walk to Medieval defensive walls, the Barbican. Built in 1548 and designed by the venetian architect Giovanni Battista. Next is the Citadel  (from 19th c.) which is today a section of the Independence Museum and end the tour at Mariensztat.