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Lagiewniki - Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - Wadowice

Duration: 4 hours

The Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska is one of the most often visited pilgrimage places in Poland, listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Is situated on the slopes of Lanckorona & Zar mountains in the distance of 44 km distance south west of Krakow and 14 km south of Wadowice. The Sanctuary consists of a Baroque Basilica of Our Lady of the Angels, The Franciscan Monastery and a group of 42 churches and chapels in Baroque and Mannerist style. There is a specific copy of Jerusalem Via Dolorosa with its chapels to practice considerations on the Passion of Christ and Our Lady’s Life Mysteries.All buildings are located on the area of 6 sq. km and introduced into a picturesque landscape of the Beskidy.
Wadowice–the birth place of the Pope John Paul II. This small town has attracted many thousands of pilgrims since John Paul II became the Pope in 1978. First we come to visit the family house of Karol Wojtyla which is a museum devoted to his life and work. Next visit to the church he was attendied and baptised as a child. Lagiewniki - The Sanctuary of Divine Mercy Sister Faustina was beatified on Divine Mercy Sunday in 1993 and canonized in 2000 on Divine Mercy Sunday.This is a capital of the Divine Mercy where started up the message of the Divine Mercy, which Jesus Christ Himself wished to pass on to our generation, through the mediation of St. Faustina. The Sanctuary houses grace-working image of Merciful Jesus and. Visit the Shrine of Divine Mercy, and the relics of St Faustina as the convent chapel, and then the St. Faustina’s Tomb at the end.