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Old Jewish Tour

Duration: 3 hours

Kazimierz was founded in 1335 by Kasimir the Great and it was an independent town with its own municipal charter and law until 1820. The Jewish quarter became home for all Jews persecuted from all ove the Europe. Kazimierz district was a centre of Jewish culture, until the Nazis moved the Jewish community from Kazimierz to the wartime Ghetto located in the Podgorze district in March of 1941. This story was revealed to the world by the movie „Schindler’s List” of Steven Spielberg. In our tour we will follow the Schindler’s traces in turn :
Szeroka Street – main street for Krakow Jews, Old Synagogue (XVc.)– the oldest Jewish sacral architecture in Poland, nowadays houses the Jewish Museum, Pharmacy Under the Eagles, museum which reconstruct the life in Ghetto, Ghetto walls, Schindler factory at 4 Lipowa Street, Untersturmführer Amon Goeth’s villa ( the only one building of Plaszow Concentration Camp because all camp buildings were destroyed by the Nazis at the end of the war ), Stone monument of Ghetto heroes located on a large hill, the house of Oskar Schindler at 7 Straszewskeigo Str. The Jewish culture of the area is being revived, with lively art galleries, kosher restaurants and regular cultural events as an Annual Festival of Jewish Culture organised in July.