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Restaurants in Kraków

  • Restaurant MIOD MALINA
    Address: at 40 Grodzka Street, 31-044 Krakow
    It is brand new restaurant, located in the The Old Town. It possesses a style of Polish refined but familiar folklore, which is noticeable from enter. There are rustical wreathes on the walls: truly weaved and hand-painted on the sunny walls, dried and fresh bunches of flowers, herbs, bunches of flax, different cereals and Polish catkins. There’s a huge smoked wood-burning stove, in which dumplings are prepared and roast ribs or roast knuckles from the old polsh recipes sizzle.
    In the evening the restaurant develops special charm, because everywhere around candles in honey and raspberry colour smoulder. It offers Polish and Italian specialities n the refined setting. Polish cuisine is first of all delicious meat, tenderloin, ribs, knucles, to whith sauces from forest mushrooms, cranberries and smelling, juicy raspberries are served. It is also a place where you can easily drop in for a cup of caffee, glass of wine ora beer.
    Restaurant MIOD MALINA
  • Restaurant BOHEMA
    Address: at 2 Golebia Street, 31-007 Krakow
    The restaurant is located in the center of Old Town of Krakow (the XVth c cellar ).
    Offers a good choice of Polish and International cuisine which is always well-presented, fairly priced and delicious. Bohema restaurant is a great place for large groups to organise lunches and dinners.
    Restaurant BOHEMA
  • Restaurant MIOD i WINO
    Address: at 32 Slawkowska, 31-015 Krakow
    The restaurant is located in the city center of Krakow. This restaurant serves a very good range of traditional Polish dishes from “bigos”(a hunters stew) to fried trout and perch.
    It would make a good choice for a family dinner and young children are sure to enjoy the atmosphere. The restaurant offers dinners with folk live music concerts ( Polish, Russian, Gipsy).
    Restaurant MIOD i WINO
  • Jewish Restaurant KLEZMER HOJS
    Address: at 5 Szeroka Street, Krakow
    Klezmer Hojs (KLEZMER’s HOUSE) Restaurant is located in former Mykva building, the heart of Jewish Quarter Kazimierz. Its special artistic atmosphere and the finest cuisine is unique in Poland, and is reminiscent of an old Jewish Kazimierz. Traditional Jewish music concerts take place every evening providing the opportunity to meet artists - musicians, actors, painters and poets from all over the world.
    Jewish Restaurant KLEZMER HOJS