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group programme - Christmas Market in Krakow

“ Christmas in Poland is the most beautiful and most family-orientated of all holidays. It’s time for families, Christmas tree and the gifts."

Programmme 4 Days / 3 Nights
Arrival to Krakow. Transfer from the Airport to the Hotel. Welcome dinner organised in one of the the oldest Polish Restaurants called WIERZYNEK (1364) , return to hotel and  overnight stay .

After breakfast – a guided half-day walking city tour of Krakow with the Wawel Hill to see the Wawel Cathedral and Royal Castle, the Royal Route via Grodzka Street to the Old Town, the Jagiellonian University: Collegium Maius and Collegium Novum, Main Market Square -the largest of city squares in Europe, the magnificent Gothic St.Mary’s Basilica, with its famous Medieval wooden altar sculptured by Vitt Stwosz as well as Sukiennince, a 100 meters long Cloth market, now hosting stalls with crafts. Next admire the Floryan Gate & Old City Walls, Barbican and Matejki Square. Afternoon – visit to the Christmas Shopping Market at the Main Market Sq. – good opportunity to purchase traditional Polish crafts, souvenirs as well some elegant goods as: jewellery, crystals, leather fancy goods. Dinner & overnight at a hotel

After breakfast – Excursion to the Salt Mine in WIELICZKA to admire the underground miracles of salt entered on UNESCO heritage list in 1978. It is an underground labyrinth that stretches over 200 kilometres of tunnels we discover a mysterious and unique underground city housing chapels with amazing salt sculptures and bas-reliefs, massive high-ceiling caverns, dark-watered lakes and the breathtaking Chapel of St. Kinga - carved out of a huge block of salt . Afternoon - shopping time. Farewell dinner by the live folklore concert at the traditional restaurant, overnight stay at a Hotel .

Breakfast, St.Claus small surprise gift guaranteed! Departure.


Traditional Christmas Eve in Poland :
Every family must have a living Chistmas tree in the house which should be decorated . Dinner should start with the appearance of the first star on the sky. Guests begin with exchanging their wishes and share the special Christmas wafer ( a symbol of happiness). Traditional Christmas dinner should consists of minimum 12 dishes which is dedicated to the number of Jesus Christ’s Apostles and everyone is obliged to try all of the dishes without any excuse. No meat is allowed on this dinner with an exception for fishes. Then all people are singing the carrols together and giving the presents at the end of the dinner. Late evening children are listen to hear if any animals are speaking with human voices and then the whole family particitate in the Midnight Holy Mass served in all Polish churches.

Christams Eve Dishes:
Soups : Mushroom, Borsch, Fish
Dumplings stuffed with mushrooms & cabbage
Fish: Carp, Herring, Pollock
Dessert: noodles with poppy seeds called “Kutia” or poppy seed strudel
Drink: stewed dry fruit hot drink called “Kompot”


Amber : This fine resin is turned into the gorgeus jewellery. Some of the pieces contains the insects which had been trapped inside for hundreds or millions years ago. The most beautiful amber products can be purchased on the Balic coast but there are also available many interesting pieces all around the country.

Silver Jewellery:
There are many designers with their rich collections of amazing designs and most of Polish products are very impresive and relatively inexpensive. The Jeweller’s shops and galleries are everywhere .

Linen : Interesting designs and good quality texites which are Polish best export products.

Modern Art : Paintings and sculptures of your Polish artists are offered at lower rates here in Poland than in other European countries. The Art collectors have a great opportunity to enlarged their collections with a good quality, precious and interesting work.There are plenty of galleries and art shops in Krakow, mainly concentrated in Jewish District Kazimierz.

Vodka : The finest Polish liqueurs are pure and flavoured vodkas. The most popular are : Chopin, Belvedere, Wyborowa, Soplica, Cracovia. There are few flavoured kind of vodka but the famous one is “Zubrowka” called a bison grass vodka, with a clean taste and herbal notes from the bison grass extract purported to have possible aphrodisiac qualities.

Glass & crystal products: Polish crystals are famous of its excellent cut and light refraction. The most popular items are: vases, bowls, jugs, glasses, carafes and many others.

The are few leading confectionery producers like E.WEDEL , WAWEL or MIESZKO, all of them offers delicious chocolate products and other kind of sweets. The most popular are: Delicje biscuits, Ptasie Mleczko ( chocolate coated vanilla or cream mousse ), Toffees Krowki, Chocolate candies Michałki, Mieszanka Krakowska ( chocolate coated fruit jelly candies) and many other Pralines are really worth to try.