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group programme - Krakow for children

„Krakow’s myths, legends and a DRAGON as a symbol of Krakow”
Programme 4 Days / 3 Nights
Day 1
Evening arrival to Poland. Check in, dinner & overnight in the Hotel.

Day 2
After breakfast , short walking sightseeing tour of Krakow with local guide who will show city related old myths and legends about Krakow. For example : How the city of Krakow was named and the evil dragon destroyed? Why Queen Wanda threw herself in the Vistula River? The legends of the pigeons in Krakow and many others.
Very important highlight of this tour will be a visit to Galeria Bukowski- gallery & shop called kingdom of teddy bears where the children can admire few thausands of different kind teddybears, which can be also great souvenir from Krakow, they can buy some of them on spot.Next the Floryan Gate & Old City Walls and Barbican on the end. Lunch break in the Old Town- group will taste our famous Polish “pierogi”, a kind of ravioli stuffed with cottage cheese & patatoes or cabbage & muschroom, 1 soft drink included.

In the afternoon – Participating in show “Grand cosmic dragon parade“ organised by GROTESKA Puppet, Mask & Actor Theatre in Krakow - or - participation in alternative theatre performance. This show has organised annually since 1999 and it is an internationally renowned outdoor festival, with a wide media coverage and publicity, with an audience of several dozen thousand spectators each year. Over a thousand children operating the dragons they constructed themselve scome from all over the country to take part in the parade. a colourful procession of dragons walks along the streets of kraków, accompanied by dancers, music bands, knights and princesses, stilt-walkers, jugglers and many other artists. The culmination of the event is the grand outdoor show on the vistula, with music, laser light, colourful smoke and firework effects, and gigantic inflated dragons dancing on the river. it is a breathtaking experience for residents and tourists who come from all over the world to take part in the event.  The Groteska theatre guarantees cosmic entertainment and programme for both options! Return to hotel then dinner & overnight.


Breakfast in the Hotel. Departure to Wolski Park where we start our walk to rich Krakow’s ZOO or drive to the Kościuszko Mound to enjoy the panorama of Krakow. Next relaxing time in Aquapark. Return to the Hotel, dinner & overnight stay.
For this morning we have to programs at your choice : visit to Krakow’s ZOO which is located on Jurassic plateau at 345 metres above sea level, in the middle of the woodland park known as the Las Wolski or drive to Kosciuszko Mound to enjoy panorama of Krakow.

The Kosciuszko Mound to admire breathtaking panoramic views of Krakow and the surrounding area. This Mound was raised in 1820-1823 to commemorate the Polish national hero Tadeusz Kosciuszko. In 1850-1854, under the partitions, the Austrian authorities erected a fortress around the Mound.

Krakow ZOOs most interesting animals include: the visitors favourites cheetax and a baby, the Indian elephants, a herd of pygmy hippopotamuses, a herd of Przewalski horses, which are no longer found in the wild, Pere Davids deer, and a number of rare species of antelope, such as the addax, the bongo, the leachwe and the common waterbuck, the barasingha, the South American tapir, Chapmans zebra and the South American sea lion.

Lunch break afterwards.After lunch departure for relax in Aqua Park in Krakow. Cracow’s Aqua Park is one of the greatest of its kind in Europe. It offers marvelous fun for all, featuring attractions such as sauna, hydro-massage, jacuzzi, climbing walls and 800 meters of totally twisted slides! Even here all is connected to the DRAGON ( slides & statues), a symbol of Krakow.

Great attractions of Aquapark :
TORNADO -New attraction, which will provide fantastic fun is Tornado. A new slide has hit the swimming pool, ready to ‘lure’ everyone into a whirl of crazy, colourful aqua-fun!
PIRATE`S ISLAND -Another new attraction has appeared lately for the littlest ones, which is called Pirates’ Island! A new water play for its youngest guests has been prepared in the kids’ favourite paddling pool. Every little pirate can conquer it, because the Pirates Island is located in the place where previously there had been a castle.
Fabulously colourful, bursting with water, surrounded with palm-trees, with as many as three mini slides it guarantees fantastic and unforgettable fun for the youngest and a bit older children, under a true pirate flag!
On the pirates island also cheerful surprises await you that sprinkle and splash the little conquerors with water.
SALAMANDER -the looongest Salamander in the world, 97 m long, blue and orange colored, for persons over 12 years old.
RAINBOW PATH - Unique adventure with rainbow path, which will provide fantastic fun not only to the youngest fans of water madness. You can walk on… water in the pool hall. It is possible thanks to specially prepared construction and colourful floating islands.
PIPES AND SLIDES - the most popular attractions in the Aqua Park! Before we take off on our mad ride, let’s remember the basic precautions and rules of the slide.
THE RAPID RIVER - The Rapid River is one of the greatest attractions of the swimming pool. After the chute madness it’s definitely pleasant to delve into the currents. The winding mountain river flows through a cave with cascades of warm water. There is only one difference between the real mountain setting and the Aqua Park: here even the most shivery souls will not complain! The temperature of our river is a warm 28 –30 degrees C.The grotto adds a hint of the mountain wilds. Try to cling on to the sides and see how difficult it is to avoid rushing along with the currents. During all this fun you might encounter wild springs and the water massages. The most intrepid might venture to swim against the current.
Return to the Hotel. Dinner & overnight.

Day 4
After breakfast , Check out and departure for Wieliczka to visit one of the UNESCO attractions – The Salt mine, the underground miracles of salt. Group walk down escorted by local guide to see the Salt mine,It is an underground labyrinth that stretches over 200 kilometres of tunnels we discover a mysterious and unique underground city housing chapels with amazing salt sculptures and bas-reliefs, massive high-ceiling caverns, dark-watered lakes and the breathtaking Chapel of St. Kinga - carved out of a huge block of salt. Farewell lunch in restaurant and then departure home. End of services.. Lunch in Restaurant, Departure home.