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Restaurants in Kraków

  • Restaurant WIERZYNEK
    Address: Address: at 15 Rynek Główny, 31-008 Krakow
    Wierzynek Restaurant is famous for its excellent cuisine, unique atmosphere and the longest tradition of feasting in Poland. It is a magical place - impossible to miss, when visiting the Main Market Square in Krakow.
    Wierzynek Restaurant is inspired by the splendid feast hosted by Mikolai Wierzynek in 1364, which was attended by great European monarchs. Today our mission is to give the same royal welcome to every single guest of our Restaurant as Mikolai Wierzynek did 650 years ago. We treat Noble prize winners and Oscar winners the same as we treat Presidents and Royalty. Wierzynek Restaurant is located in the heart of Krakow on the biggest medieval market in Europe. Therefore the guest can dine to the sound of horses’ hooves clacking on the pavement while enjoying a fantastic view of the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Basilica.
    The exceptional atmosphere of the Wierzynek Restaurant is created by it’s opulent historic interiors. Each of every nine rooms has its own unique décor. Old suits of armour adorn the historic walls of the Knight’s Room, ornamental frescos captivate Guests of the two Pompeian Rooms and modern, surreal paintings by Rafal Olbinski and Tomasz Setowski contrast with the ancient clocks and tile stoves of the Clock Room and the Chamber of Imagination .
    Restaurant WIERZYNEK
  • Restaurant CZERWONE KORALE
    Address: at 13-15 Sławkowska Street, 31-016 Krakow
    This is brand new traditional Polish restaurant located in the heart of the Old Town, having vibrant and welcoming interior with charming folk decor (the cheerful chandeliers, funny photos of dancing highlanders, nice maidens dressed in colorful folk costumes presenting different regions of Poland). The chef serves all the traditional Polish dishes but with some creative innovations and unforgettable taste. Delicious pierogi are the best recommendation and everybody must try Placek Gajowego ( amazing patato pancake served in wild mushroom sauce). The quality of the food makes Czerwone Korale not only pleasant surprise, but also a great value. You just can not avoid this place being in Krakow.
    Restaurant CZERWONE KORALE
  • Restaurant HAWE�?KA
    Address: at 34 Rynek Glowny ( Market Sq.), 31-010 Krakow
    The Restaurant is adorned with paintings of MLODA POLSKA epoch (beginning of 20th century).The attention is drawn to a huge portrait of the good-natured emperor Franz Joseph (he enjoyed the hospitality of Spiski Palace in 1851) as well as to a replica of Hołd Pruski (Prussian Homage), original painted by Jan Matejko. The painting illustrates the event of 1525: the Prussian Prince Albrecht Hohenzollern paying homage to the Polish King Sigismund I "the Old". The painting is 4 by 7 metres. Dignified green colour prevails inside. The mood and atmosphere is the only one of its kind. The dishes of Old Polish cuisine are served here. Duck Cracovian style, served with boletus and groats, of course from Cracow - this is the "specialité de la maison". Tasting mushroom soup served in bread bowl - the titbit famous all over the world - is a must. Worth mentioning is also a dainty dating back to the times of Franz Joseph Monarchy: Hungarian goulash with dumpling Viennese style and a pint of beer. Menu with many excellent dishes and a unique atmosphere in a historical site. This is how to create a prime restaurant. With top standard of the restaurant, the price level is reasonable.
    Restaurant HAWE�?KA
  • Restaurant WESELE
    Address: Address: at 10 Rynek Główny, 31-042 Krakow
    Located on the Main Square, Wesele (in English the Wedding) offers fantastic Polish cuisine. The interior is decorated with wreath and ribbons as if prepared for a traditional Polish wedding reception. The nam Wesele, also meaning "merriment", reflects the atmosphere of the place – it is festive and joyful with very tasty meals.
    Restaurant WESELE